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A weekend later - SoaS!

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The last weekend was quite exciting. We've a whole bunch of changes to report concerning Sugar on a Stick. So where to start?

First of all, go and grab your most recent version of SoaS from here: http://download.sugarlabs.org/soas/snapshots/1/latest.iso

It includes all the cool new stuff we want to show to you! What's that specifially? Here and here are the two announcements. Major changes include now...

  • Honey activities and overall stability improvements. Write & Speak should now work, as well as we're now including Read.
  • Size improvements everywhere! The image has been slimmed quite a bit; it's just around 400 MB.
Thanks to the whole team for making this possible, including Aleksey, Frederick, Marco and Simon!

Please report any issues you may encounter! Happy testing!

A Time Capsule - Pictures

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pictures are conserving a moment of life - just like a time capsule

My good friend Frauke Lahmsen has been doing quite some photography over the time and I really believe that she has been doing a great job

And if you get a spare minute or two, please feel free to drop a comment to this post! Thanks... :)

Looking Back: FOSDEM 2009

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It was great. It was my first FOSDEM, but it was really pretty impressive. I was able to meet quite some people I always wanted to meet and I feel that such events are sometimes just great to meet up, sit down, talk to each other and finally to gather new ideas.

So thanks a lot to all the Fedora & Sugar folks out there, who are all in all way too numerous to name... ;)

What have I been doing over the time there? Well, I was present at the Fedora booth, promoted SoaS there (please see Simon's blog post on this) and also attended Greg's and Tomeu's talks on the Sugar Environment, it's effects and new proceedings. Kudos to both of them!

You want to head for some pictures? Sure, I've put some of them on my Flickr account... and am really looking forward to the upcoming LinuxTag to meet all of you again!

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